Kennedy Surveying has multiple contracts for cadastral surveying, such as Highway Acquisition, along the 400km section of Pacific Highway Upgrade between Port Macquarie to Byron Bay. These surveys involve cadastral surveying and co-ordination surveys and contour and detail surveys. Acquisition surveys involve particular plan requirements including adherence to section 10 & 48 of the Roads Act 1993, as well as the Surveying and Spatial Information Act and Regulation.

Our use of GNSS in accordance with Surveyor Generals Directions 9 have allowed us to survey large areas of inundated swamplands as well as coordinate distant Permanent Marks with increasing accuracy. The field teams forming our cadastral crews are always led by an experienced Registered Surveyor utilising current technologies such as model GIS overlays to save time and effort in establishing survey definition.

Our quality assurance, time management and expert knowledge of surveying practices are well suited to Governmental contracts and have allowed us a position on the preferred contractors panel for the RMS.